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SuzieT, is Suzie Toomey from Donard Co Wicklow.  She started her musical journey playing guitar and singing locally but Australia called and for the best part of a lot of years she entertained all of Sydney with her musical talents.  Suzie was the lead singer with Blackwater Irish Band Sydney, playing guitar, tin whistle, piano accordion and bodhran.

John has been playing to audiences around Sydney and internationally for as long as he dares to remember.  John headlined the St Patricks Day Park concerts with “5 for a Pound” for a few years back in the late 90s early 2000s, has played gigs with Eric Bell from the original Thin Lizzy, played with Sinead O Connor, and currently he “sessions” with many bands in many venues around Sydney.

John likes to keep it varied, playing these gigs with Suzie will bring a fresh sound to all those songs you love and know so well.


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