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Live and Free at the Gaels

Natasha Duarte

Friday 2nd October – 8pm

Natasha Duarte is a prolific songwriter, guitarist and powerhouse vocalist. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres her music has immense diversity. Her new album ‘Living Proof’ which is solely written by the songstress is a testament to her incredible songwriting abilities and her credibility as an artist

Check out Natasha’s website here

Marty Stewart

Saturday 3rd October – 8pm

Marty is one of the most sort after  professional musicians playing in Sydney.

He is a versatile performer offering a unique range of styles from Rock, Pop and Blues. With his exceptional talent as a guitarist/vocalist, covering such Artists as Carlos Santana , Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Joe Satriani, Green Day, Jimi Hendrix through to  the Beatles

Check out Marty’s website here

Endless Summer

Friday 9th October – 8pm

For over 2 decades the Endless Summer has been a part of the Sydney cover band scene. One of Sydney’s most versatile acts with a massive repertoire and the ability to perform to audiences of all ages.

Whether rocking out the new songs of today or performing the classics from the 50’s and 60’s, they do it in style!

Check out their website here

Jenny Marie Lang

Saturday 10th October – 8pm

Imagine mixing the perfect music cocktail. A shot of soul, a splash of jazz, a healthy measure of blues, a twist of alternate country, topped up with a dose of rock energy and served with a ton of passion.

Take a sip and you get the feel for Jenny Marie Lang and her band’s magical fusion of crossover blues and jazz tinged rock.

Check out Jenny’s website here

Jay Parrino

Friday 16th October – 8pm

Jay brings with him a huge song list that spans from 50’s rock and roll and delta blues right up to today’s modern pop and rock hits. He is able to play many different styles, but he is a Classic rock, Beatles, Clapton and rockabilly aficionado.

Check out Jay’s profile here

Mitch Gardner

Saturday 17th October – 8pm

Mitch is a wonderful story teller, who wears his heart on his sleeve and offers a raw and soulful performance. Adding to that his endearing personality and the listener is every bit willing to be taken on a beautiful, emotional and very personal journey with him.

He utilises two guitars, some pedals along with a stomp box to provide a fairly full sound; and because of this, he is able to provide entertainment for almost any occasion.

Check out Mitch’s profile here

Grace Fuller

Friday 23rd October – 8pm

Dubbo local and now Sydney-sider Grace Fuller is on the up and up in the music industry. As an avid listener of Triple J, Graces sound is constantly evolving with every song she writes. Her pure voice and catchy hooks tell her story in every song she writes.

Check out Grace’s profile here

Chris Cooke

Saturday 24th October – 8pm

Chris Cooke- Front man from popular acts such as “Australian Trilogy Show” & “The Chosen Few” performs very select venues around Sydney as a soloist doing all well known cover hits old and new.

Check out Chris’s profile here

Ryan Thomas

Friday 30th October – 8pm

Ryan Thomas is a thrilling performer with a repertoire expanding from the hits of today to some of your favourites from the last 40 years. His influences stem from a variety of genres including jazz, blues, rock and pop. Ryan is a lively, vibrant and interactive singer who knows how to deliver all your favourite songs and create an atmosphere to make your event unforgettable.


Check out Ryan’s profile here

Aimee Hannan

Saturday 31st October – 8pm

Aimee is a powerful & vibrant performer who connects with her audience on all levels..

2010 Being an Australian representative in the World star Quest in Beijing China was one of her career highlights,  the other was this year making it to the top 48 of The Voice season 7, securing a place on Team Delta.

Check out Aimee’s profile here

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